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p.19 from the book of Economic Express or Mobility Express - edition 2010 Amsterdam

There is a number of 87 unique glass pigg containers in total until today,  holding an engraved personal number signed on the year of production. [i.e 35 - 2007:35th pigg blown and engraved on the year 2007] each pigg represents a 'virtual thought in the on going film EEoME

1: 'the golden mean' glass pigg with golden coin (series of 5)

2: 'value' currency coins (variable)

3: 'hope' piggy bank (multiple)

4: 'virtue' piggy bank 'wanna be' engraved slash  (multiple)

5: 'adolescence' glass pigg 'neutral' (mutliple)

Each glass pigg has its own weight and consistency as unique free blown container. when you proceed on buying a pigg, you will be contacted on the method of payment chosen. The price of each unique pigg is calculated via the mathematical formula:








Pigg-therapy is dated back in 2005. In 2010 an expedition named EEoME started approaching the cities of Athens, Damascus and Istanbul. The large number of glass piggs travelled within a suitcase carrying the 'hierarchy of five' and a wooden container on wheels holding the piggs rapped in newspapers of that time and places. Reaching the borders of Europe and the Middle East, the five different species are

please contact info@reaction-lalou.com for more information about the series of pigg containers, payment and delivery method.  The prices set are there to show the scale of pricing.  e-mail subject : 'PIGG' .  It is best to know the exact type of pigg you would like to have while knowing that the calculation will vary in relation to the grams. For total sum estimation please write the delivery address for shipment costs or make a date for  a pick-up from Amsterdam

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