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text by Rachael Rakes as introduction to the book 'the camera' published by DOLCE (2019)

text by Alena Alexandrova as introduction to Maria's Lalou book [theatro] published by Onomatopee (2015)


Walking through the trap of virtual world, I am looking for the relation of space – time and identity within space time; investigating fragmentation of the mind and nuance of the identity. Is there a role of identity within space, space of identity, space as a memory, architecture as the man made landscape, historical space as our fragmental memory?  Are objects intelligent?   

I depart from the use of science in the era of logical positivism fascinated from the duality of the intermediary space of conscious and subconscious. Working other times in material sense and other times just in the contextual respect I use glass as my ‘brain lens’, observing the space from Person A to Person B to Object x. Observation isn’t just a spatial form enabling the de-fragmentation of the mind of the outer self to the inner world, but a conceptual space for the subject to become an object. transparency, mirroring and lenses are becoming the sense. What is the influence of an intermediary space, in our minds and to the way we perceive. What is happening in these moments of time in the visual images that we have, the ones that our embodied minds are adopting?

When the craft becomes the source of a provoking storytelling is where the material becomes the form we escape from.