Script Director -Performer: Maria Lalou

Production: reaction-lalou

Co-production: 6th Video Art Festival, AllArtNOW

Cameras: Bjoern Nussbacher, Angelos Christophilopoulos, Lena Bruggeman, Ralph Nashawaty, Falco, Nisrine Bhoukari, Ehsan Fardjadniya, Maria Lalou

Glass Assistance: Marie De Bruyn

Gold recordings: Yu-Chun Chen, De Balie-Amsterdam

Exhibited :  6th Video/Art Festival Athens 2010 / Technopolis-Industial Museum of Athens

2nd All Art Now Festival Damascus 2010 / Maktab Anbar Museum

With the kind supports of: Athens Video/*Art Festival 2010, AllArtNOW festival-Living Spaces-2010, Ministry of Culture and Turism Istanbul, NIASD-Netherlandse Institut voor Akademishe Studies Damascus, Glas/s Lab of National Museum of Glass in Netherlands,  Gerrit Rietvled Academie, Holland Hellas transportation Group, InterRail Trains

Special thanks to: Koray, Umut, Nergis, Kardelen, Elif, Alper and Yasemin

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Economic Express or Mobility Express

Economic Express or Mobility Express is a mirroring of a liminal zone identifying a form of embodiment and a metaphysical relation of the human within space-time. Liminal zones are virtual environments or spaces. The journey of an avatar in physical space, as a metaphor of hybrid social environment; Virtual thoughts are traveling through physical space, landscape intrigues their consistency; they transform to objects becoming visible and coherent using as substance the urban planning, the history of past and present, transmuting their mean through their physical surround.

An avatar as a theatrical character directed from the real persona in real time and space based on improvisation composing action through the embodied sense; the object of the transparent glass containers in the shape of piggy banks as in the form of virtual thoughts. Questioning conceptions of time and space and the identity within time-space; the virtual and physical, natural and artificial, fiction and reality, Economic Express or Mobility Express develops within the theory of a game play. Game strategy calls the independent success to be making choices depending on the choices of others. The narrative and non-narrative material unfolds in real time through physical activity and in a context which is theatrical though not necessarily pre-composed, based on interaction and improvisation. The repentance of number five grounds the allegoric sense of the storytelling on spectrum of myths, religions, cultural and scientific evolutions.

The project has its roots in the long running project Piggtherapy, which is dated back to 2005 and took the shape of Economic Express or Mobility Express in April 2010 where I started to glass blow big amounts of piggy bank containers, creating variations as of ones with locked gold inside, with trapped old currency coins and other features, the tools of the avatar, carrying them in a suitcase with the hierarchy of five and the BOX-a wooden container.

Athens: the city of wisdom and fallacy of truth ( approached )

Perfromance Act 1: Constitution >

                            Evaporating Thoughts >                          

Damascus: the city of holies and holes (approached)

Performance Act 2: The Ritual >

Istanbul: the bridge (approached)

Performance Act 3: The Bridge >

Reykjavik: the myth and the action

Amsterdam: the city of brain and nuance of the identilty

In each location there is a ritual as an extension of the notion of a co-ordinate system.

Co-players the real personas in their everyday roles, where the communication is creating the strategy of success. Three of the five location have been apporached. Pause of the game #

Economic Express or Mobility Express developing in the layers of spatial  installations, performance, film -2010 (on going)


Economic Express or Mobility Express is a mirroring of a liminal zone identifying a form of embodiment and a metaphysical relation of the human within space-time. Liminal zones are virtual environments or spaces 









Camera and The Mirror

In Equal Distance

In The Mirror Cabinet

the camera

The Dialogue

Black Box








time lapse

supper effect


the ritual

evaporating thoughts


invisible visibilites 2







my space odyssey


a hole in the water