Video/*Art Festival Technopolis Athens-Greece
On Destilation Machines- Ovens Room of the Gas Factory 'Technopolis' Industrial Museum Athens.  7-9/5/2010








Performance-Act 3: The Bridge




 25 May 2010 - 9.00-10.00 pm
Living Spaces-2nd AllArtNOW festival

Maktab Anbar Museum-Damascus




Performance-Act 2 : The Ritual


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4) and through the sea coast to Iceland

Performance - Act 4 : ?







Supported from"Crymogea" Gallery (coming)














Performance - Act  5 : ?   

Economic Express or Mobility Express thanks

Athens Video/*Art Festival, AllArtNOW festival-Living Spaces-Damascus, Ministry of Culture and Turism Istanbul, Crymogea Gallery Reykjavik,  RoomService Project Space Amsterdam, NIASD-Netherlandse Institut voor Akademishe Studies Damascus Glas/s Lab of National Museum of Glass in Netherlands,  Gerrit Rietvled Academie, Holland Hellas transportation Group, InterRail Trains

And exceptionally

Artist: Bjorn Nussbacher

Cameras: Bjorn Nussbacher, Angelos Chirstofilopoulos, Emere Kocabas,  Lena Bruggemann, Falco, Ralph Nashawaty, Nisrine Bhoukari & Lalou

Istanbul Crew: Bjorn Nussbacher,  Emere Kocabas,  Lena Bruggemann, Falco, Ralph NashawatyKoray Tascilar, Umut Gulser, Nergis Dena, Kardelen Fincanci, Elif Koru

Glass Assistance: Marie De Bruyn

Gold recordings: Yu-Chun Chen, De Balie-Amsterdam

& Alper Demir, Yasemin Turkoglu














Supported from Room Service''-O301, Amsterdam (coming)






2] traveled through the sea coast to Chios island and thereafter to Izmir. Two buses have led them to Damascus city. Which are the custom and visa circumstances for contemporary nomads? (38 hours of travel with a night stop to Izmir)


3) from Damascus to Adana along by bus and through Ankara with the rail to Istanbul (48 hours)

2008 reaction-lalou.com

7th of May 2010 / 7.00-7.10 am




Performance-Act 1 : Constitution

Schijdel -NL
Sophia train station - BU

Chios island-GR


by Reaction-Lalou

Virtual Thoughts are travelling through physical space

Landscape intrigues their consistency

They are transforming to objects becoming visible and coherent as they take substance transmuting their mean

She becomes her own avatar




Economic Express or Mobility Express
virtual thoughts in glass containers


1] travelling to Athens from Schijdel-NL, with Holland Hellas Transportation Group, and she with one thought through the correspondance Paris location







Izmir customs - TR