I thought of been an artist but i did want to become a scientist and ended up creating a creature in synchronicity of Art&Science, Techonlogy and Crafts. In the looks of mythological feature within a mix of symbols as a cyclop's eye, satiros tail, and a body of a ceramic oven, and brain a television

Technical descpription: The study of mt went through a twist of material properties of each material to a specific shape, form and function; latex as the sleeve of electricity, ceramic oven to an earthy body, smart materials -piezoelectric composits as brain cells and all in the fundament of a television invention as the brain of my robot. The 1500 watt would be able to give energy to high technology composites, as its the sound could be translated to mechanical energy. After a research in smart materials properties and their functions within 2 academic writings on piezoelectric and rheologic materials, I concluded to the use of the piezoelectric functions.  In June 2007 i signed the thesis of Wouter Kors, in electronic conventions in e-engineering department of Hogeschool of Amsterdam


Television is one of the greatest inventions, starting from various parts of the world with significance Paul Nipkow, invention of a device to scan the tube and the one of Lee De Forest in 1906 was the final piece, the amplifying tripod. During the early 1900 the invention of the television was an aim from different people in various countries. Later on television apart from the invention itself, became a source to communicate news and  a 'stage' of entertainment. During ‘90s television became an instrument of the feudalists to create an image with massive response from the public

The beginning of the 20th century finds television stand as a communication, advertising, entertainment media  for which  Isaac Scoenberg* mentioned to his team in 1930 “…you have now invented the biggest time waster of all time. Use it well.”


*The champions of electronic television were Vladimir Zworykin at RCA, Isaac Shoenberg’s team at EMI and a 14 year-old farm boy from Idaho called Philo T. Farnsworth who conceived the basic requirements for electronic television while still in Highschool. It took him 6 years to take his system from first ideas to prototype and by 1929 he was the first to demonstrate a complete electronic television system with no moving parts

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