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‘The Operational Model’ is an exhibition including a lecture on the performance act of ‘the looking’ based on the installation work OPERATED; a work that has been developed and concluded within a specific group of invited viewers only a few hours before the doors open to the public. It is an opening to a logic of an installation where a viewer becomes an observer, an observation point and again a director of the gaze with a fade out to the installation's own system through the direct feedback. Yet the original live event is using an elaborate apparatus system. During the exhibition view of ‘The Operational Model’ the apparatus was replaced by a diagrammatic representation in place.

photo credits Ilya Rabinovich

Maria Lalou, The Operational Model

floor map of OPERATED at Bergstraat in Amsterdam location of MoMart - 2015
floor map of OPERATED at Mauritskade in Amsterdam former location of DasArts Institute - 2013

OPERATED attempts to subtract the event from the event while developing it at the same time of staging it, directing it and interacting within its own logic. The audience can shift their position under a certain system of instructions within the accumulation of viewing. Each member audience has a floor plan of the space with particular root. The printed floor-plans contain different roots supporting the independent roles of the attended. The tension of the event starts by an invitation call to a specified audience. The invitations include a number of time slots, acting as a basic script of presenting the roles of each one attending to the rest. A series of 'instructions' as the aforementioned are formulated in relation to the spatial arrangements.

I am interested to create a discussion on the performance act of ‘the looking’; the viewer delivers the intention of the work unfolding as ‘the becoming’. In the work OPERATED my focus is on the role of an artist becoming the system operator of mechanisms of the 'seen'.

OPERATED + The Operational Model

photo credits Skafte Aymo-Boot

The Operational Model has developed to an independent video installation including a lecture about the a logic of a work that places the viewer  in perspective to the actual events that the recordings have occurred in relation to the significance of a viewer. A mix of video recordings and an educational format of a 'powerpoint' presentation is used aiming to a formal ground of diagrammatic relations by placing a 2nd projection in parallel to a video screening recorded in OPERATED #3.

Durational video installation - video in loop

Lecture circa 30'

performed at MoMart - Amsterdam 2015 / Performance Biennial - Athens 2016

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