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The Ritual triptych, 60'

Damascus 25 May 2010
in extension of Time, Tradition and Performance Act

I walked in the hall of Maktab Anbar, where the audience of Damascus city has been wondering around the exquisite decorated hall coming across a stage of symbols and mainly piggs, transparent glass piggs. A wooden container -'box', with a small portable screen and a broken pig deficiently placed on it is revealing the root of the 'box' from the day of its departure from the North of Europe until the moment it arrived in the hall(the past). Next to the box, a line of transparent piggy banks. Their shine it was the only detail that made them visible within the outstanding  islamic decoration of the space. In the middle of the hall stands an eight point star fountain, the form of nature in different religions, the core of the space and of my architectural dance; a geometrical narration (the future) in the right side of the space there was a set of high bronze pedestals where their top surfaces where dressed in white in order to hand a ground for an exhibit - my action was of an open laboratory (presence) Could they actually see me? I calculate the weight of each one of the piggs and percisely ingrave on the glass their weight and price. I transport each single glass pigg from the right part of the triptich to the left. from one section to the next and back, walking around  calculating my steps following the geometrical line of the fountain, creating a pattern; an extension of an architectural form.

Maktab Anbar was an old house. Build in 1887, from a hat full of diamonds.

The exhibition was kept open apart form the last day that i was almoost locked in an office and did let me open the hall for view of the exhibit. They did not call my contact and was remarkably kept trapped in the dictator's zone.

Mediums: Maktab Anbar House-Damascus, glass, wood, metal, video on portable screen, glass ingraving tool, weighting scale, calculator, prints

Thanks to: Living Spaces-2ndAllArtNOW festival May 2010

performance   installation

part- 1,left (past)

Fragility on a move from North of Europe to Middle East.

The Ritual is part of the series of Piggtherapy

part- 3, right (present)

Pythagoras was the first to call himself a philosopher.

An open lab in precision. in calculation of each single piggs weight, according to porks meat price with the mathematical formula:

part-2,centre (future)

A conspiracy formation from the ‘invisible’ hierarchy of five. The ‘golden mean’ in central position. Precision and extendence of decoration. The eight point star shape, sign of the rule of nature, symbolism of religions and cultures from Islam to Sufism to Buddhism, as well of civilizations from the Sumerians, Babylonians, Arcadian, the Egyptians and the Greeks.







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